What’s up with me


For as long as I remember I’ve wandered from hobby to hobby, each never holding my interest for long.  I would latch onto something, immerse myself in the people, culture, and technology; inevitably losing interest.  Sometimes this was a month, sometimes a few years.  But inevitably it happened.

I was hard on myself about this.

I cringed looking across past hobbies;  the investments of time and money were substantial.  Why could I simply not stay put like Bob?  He has been scrapbooking for 20 years!

I recently returned to college with the intention of adding a business degree to my curriculum vitae.  Being fairly well established in my career I was often asked  “Why bother going back now?”  One day my answer, while off the cuff, came with a blinding flash of introspection.

I love to learn 

Every hobby I ever had flashed before my eyes – and they all fit the same pattern.  Adopt new hobby,  go obsessive,  achieve proficiency,  move on.  As the learning curve became shallow I grew mentally bored – the hobby could not feed me as fast enough.   My attitude about myself and my approach to life changed tremendously that day.  My life long hobby was learning.

This site chronicles  my adventures that hobby.

End of Mr. Head
The terrible demise of Mr. Head